Fire Starter Kits

In our shop you can buy a flint and steel fire starter kit and get free delivery worldwide. In each of our flint and steel fire starter kits you’ll get a firesteel, some flint, char cloth tinder, a tinderbox, a bundle of jute twine kindling and fully illustrated English language instructions.

Fire Starter Kits From Flint and Steel

People throughout Europe, Asia and America have been making fire for centuries with the help of such kits, and the variety of packaging options we offer allows you to buy firesteels as part of the exact sort of flint and steel kit that suits you best. We have all sorts of flint and steel for sale, including fire starter kits for hunters as well as for those interested in historical reenactment. We have kits suitable for adolescents and women, as well as those suitable for camping trips, and we even offer exquisite medieval leather pouches so that you can give one of our fire starter kits as a gift.

High Quality, Handmade, and Natural

All components of our flint and steel striker kits are products of the highest quality and are all handmade. We forge our firesteels, hew our flints, sew our leather pouches and prepare our char cloth all by ourselves. To produce our kits, we only use natural materials which can be considered genuine analogs of what was used in the past, when fire was always made without matches.

How To Build A Fire Without Matches

The process of building a fire without the use of matches is actually quite simple, particularly when you use traditional fire starter kits. To make a fire from sparks produced with the help of a firesteel (also known as a “steel striker”) is easy, even for children. Of course, however, children should always be supervised by an adult when doing so.

If you’ve never seen how a fire can be made using a firesteel, then we’d like to offer you the chance to get acquainted with our step by step, illustrated instructions, which tell you exactly how to build a fire without the use of matches. You can also watch our instructional flint fire starter kit, we recommend that you watch our videos detailing the features of each of our kits.

Our flint and steel fire starter kits are not mere souvenirs as they include fully functioning old-style tools from the Middle Ages that we have resurrected for modern use. These are durable and effective tools that have stood the test of time, and they do not wear down over time like ferrorods do.

Fire Starter Kits for Sale