Flint and Steel Set #07

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Flint and Steel Set #07


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Flint and Steel Kit No. 7

Flint and Steel Kit No. 7 is enclosed in a small and compact black leather pouch. It is something of a marriage between the philosophy of Kit No. 1 and the style of our leather-based fire starter kits.

Owing to its small dimensions, this traditional fire making kit will easily fit in the palm of your hand as well as into a pocket of your coat or rucksack. Its size also makes this kit very convenient for children, such as Boy Scouts going out on their first expedition with their group leaders.

At Flint and Steel, we submit every kit we make to a rigorous quality control program to make sure that all of our products are absolutely fit for purpose. Despite its diminutive size, the genuine leather pouch is sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and its long leather cords allow you to tie the pouch to a tree branch for safekeeping.

This flint and steel fire starter kit includes:

  • A hand-forged high carbon firesteel, 3” (75 mm) in length
  • A small tin container of linen-based char cloth tinder
  • A piece of high-grace dark gray flint stone
  • A bundle of jute twine kindling
  • Foldable, fully illustrated instructions

In short, this beautifully made traditional fire making kit contains everything you need to learn how to build a campfire and light it in the same way our ancestors did. When looked after properly, our kits can be passed down through the generations in your family and your high carbon steel strikers will still work just as well as on the first day you used it.

If you have any questions about how to make a flint and steel fire, you'll be sure to find the answers by watching our demonstrative and instructional videos.