Flint Fire Starter – Integral to Reliable Fire Making

Flint Fire Starter

Even if you have only the slightest acquaintance with bushcraft and primitive fire starting, you will not doubt have heard of a range of different methods of making a fire. There are many approaches that have been developed for doing so, but one tool that stands out head and shoulders above the rest is the flint fire starter, also known as a steel striker or firesteel. This tool is used as part of the flint and steel fire making approach, which is by far the most reliable of all fire making methods. We're so sure of this that we named our company after it!

Where Can I Find a High-quality Flint Fire Starter?

One of the interesting things about the flint fire starter is that it is pretty much impossible to make a good one if you use typical mass production techniques. In fact, if you choose such a product, you're setting yourself up to fail from the beginning. Instead, you need to find an artisan blacksmith who can craft a high carbon flint fire starter without having to resort to convenient but inferior modern methods.

We use only traditional means to make our flint fire starter kits, adopting techniques that have been passed down in our family for as long as anyone can remember. The result is a hand forged high carbon firesteel that will produce a veritable shower of sparks even for a complete novice at primitive fire making.

Find the Best Craftsmen to Make Your Flint Fire Starter

These highly skilled and professional blacksmiths possess knowledge that has been passed down through the ages, knowledge upon which man has relied since the very beginning of the Iron Age. By making use of a flint fire starter forged by such experts, you can guarantee your fellow campers that they'll have a warm campfire around which you can all gather to enjoy your evening meal and share stories of your exploits and adventures.

Why Go For The Traditional Approach?

While you may enjoy the convenience of modern tools and fire making techniques, they often require certain parameters to be fulfilled and particular conditions to present for them to work optimally. For example, a lighter requires fuel and matches require the absence of moisture. A flint fire starter, on the other hand, can be used in almost any weather conditions. Come rain or shine, a flint fire starter won't let you down.

Flint Fire Starters for Sale

Flint Fire Starter Kits for Sale