Firesteel No. 8 (Scandinavian)

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Firesteel No. 8 (Scandinavian)


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Firesteel No 8 (Scandinavian)

One of of the most popular firesteels we have to offer you is this all-conditions Scandinavian model.

In the frigid northern reaches of Scandinavia, fire making remains to this day a vital skill to learn from childhood. Without it, even modern people with all their technology could not possibly hope to survive the mildest of Nordic winters. From the dawn of the Iron Age and beyond, by far the most popular means of fire lighting was the flint and steel method.

We at Flint and Steel have nearly 200 years of ancestral knowledge at our disposal, passed down from father to son for generations. Our forefathers dedicated every single one of these years to developing firesteels that were easier and easier to use, even in truly adverse weather conditions.

Of course, you can just as well use them to light your fireplace indoors like the Vikings would have done in their longhouses.

This hand-forged high carbon firesteel represents the pinnacle of workmanship in the field of fire making tools. Students of bushcraft will particularly appreciate the symmetrical and well-balanced design of this firesteel as it makes fire lighting very simple indeed.

What's more, this Scandinavian style steel striker comes with a complimentary piece of high-grade dark gray flint stone. Each of our steel strikers goes through a two-step quality control program to ensure that plenty of hot sparks are produced when the sharp edge of a piece of flint is struck.

We recommend that you carry your firesteel as part of a flint and steel fire making kit, which ought to include a source of tinder and kindling. We would advise the use of linen-based char cloth and jute twine respectively for this purpose.

If you have a question about our how our steel strikers work, you'll likely find the answer in one of our instructional videos, but if not, we would love to hear from you.