Flint Striker – The Ingenuity of Ancient Mankind

flint striker

Our ancestors were a crafty bunch, having mastered all sorts of skills and techniques to make the most of whatever environment in which they found themselves. One of mankind's early crowning glories was the mastery of fire, an accomplishment so wondrous that it was more often than not attributed to the gods. By the Iron Age, specific metal tools has been developed with which to make fire with relative ease. One such tool is the flint striker, also known as the firesteel or steel striker.

Why Revert to the Use of Ancient Technology?

While we are clearly living in a golden age of scientific achievement and technological progress, sometimes simplicity still reigns supreme. It doesn't matter how advanced your modern fire lighting tools are if you run out of fuel. Using a flint striker means that you don't have to concern yourself with whether your matches have gotten wet or your lighter has run out of fluid. You'll be able to make a fire in almost any weather conditions.

Is The Traditional Flint Striker Really Best?

The beauty of traditional tools lies in the fact that they don't often contain any moveable parts which can break and then must be replaced. If you use a hand forged high carbon flint striker made by Flint and Steel, you'll have a sturdy and trustworthy tool which you can pass down to your children and even grandchildren. Whereas modern ferrocerium rods wear down rather quickly, you can get tens of thousands of strikes out of a traditional striker before you'll notice any significant changes at all.

Why Rely on the Flint Striker?

As long as you have a flint striker and a piece of hard stone, such as flint or quartz, then you stand a great chance of making a fire for the night when out in the woods. Even if you're a seasoned woodsman with plenty of hunting and fishing trips under your belt, we are only as good as the tools we carry.

When you take a tool as reliable and yet simple as a flint striker, you're already making a trustworthy statement about your prowess out in the bush. You can easily reassure your less experienced companions that you've got things covered. Camping trips are much more fun when you can get a fire going to keep the wildlife away and to heat your supper up. Don't leave home without a flint striker forged by artisan master blacksmiths.

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