Firesteel No. 1 (Novgorod)

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Firesteel No. 1 (Novgorod)


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Firesteel No. 1 (Slavic - 10th Century Novgorod)

Our Firesteel No. 1 is based on a Slavic design found throughout the 10th Century province of Novgorod, one of the precursors of the modern Russian state. Given the well-publicized cold and frigid winters that this region experiences to this very day, its hardy medieval inhabitants would have had to have known how to make a fire in an instant.

At Flint and Steel, we have made use of the immense knowledge base passed down in our family from father to son for at least four generations to create this effective and beautiful hand-forged firesteel. Our chief blacksmith makes use of only traditional methods and naturally sourced materials, resulting in a firesteel which reliably generates plenty of sparks when used to strike a piece of flint stone.

Of course, fire was revered as a vital natural force in pre-Christian times. It is likely that our custom of lighting bonfires alongside firework displays comes from our ancestors' wish to celebrate the glory of their pagan deities. Some modern-day Russians have taken to celebrating a contemporary version of Perun's Day, a giant barbecue garden party of a tribute to the Slavic analog of the more famous Norse Thunder God, Thor.

Whatever your reason for lighting a fire when out in the wilderness, there's nothing more enjoyable than building a fire yourself without even the hint of the presence of matches or lighters. Our firesteels make an excellent and unique gift for anyone interested in camping, hiking or the outdoors in general.

It's difficult to describe the magical feeling of having lit your first primitive fire by means of flint and steel, so why not try it for yourself?

Check out our instructional videos below and see how easy it can be.