Firesteel No. 13 (Hand Forged)

flint and steel striker-13steel and flint fire startersteel striker for salestriker steel

Firesteel No. 13 (Hand Forged)


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Firesteel No. 13 (Decorative)

Steel strikers were prevalent throughout medieval Scandinavia. The best fire making tools were both highly effective and beautiful to look at. While the Northern Europeans of the Middle Ages would have valued this high carbon steel striker for its functionality, they also would have appreciated its sleek design.

We at Flint and Steel have designed this small decorative firesteel based on the accumulated knowledge passed down in our family by at least four generations of blacksmiths. Even to this very day, we are constantly improving our skills and designs to ensure that we offer you the finest fire making tools you'll find anywhere.

As we take pride in offering aesthetic as well as functional value, this steel striker makes a great gift for anyone who wants to look the part while out camping or hiking. The symmetrical design is attractive to look at, and it also results in a well-balanced and ergonomic fire lighting tool.

You could wear this hand-forged high carbon firesteel on a genuine leather cord around your neck, leaving you able to strike a spark at a moment's notice. Alternatively, you could place it alongside other important tools and materials in one of our leather pouches, some of which were inspired by Viking dress.

However you decide to wear this decorative firesteel, we recommend that you use it for fire making alongside linen-based char cloth tinder and jute twine kindling. We provide a complimentary piece of high-grade dark gray flint stone with each of our steel strikers, so you can get a real primitive fire going straight from the get-go.

If it's your first time using the flint and steel fire making method, you can watch our instructional videos to help you along the way.