Jute twine for kindling

Jute twine for kindling preparation

Jute twine for kindling


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Jute twine for kindling preparation

When we are bombarded by advertising which suggests that artificial, manmade materials are best, it can be difficult to remember that our ancient ancestors often had it right after all. This is frequently the case when it comes to fabrics, and it couldn't be more true in terms of fire making.

Natural materials are always superior to artificial compounds when making a traditional fire. That's why we at Flint and Steel aim to provide the finest jute twine for use as kindling when fire making in the wilderness.

While it's still relatively easy to find natural materials for purchase, it's increasingly difficult to find even natural sources of fabric that have not been industrially processed in some way. This is the problem that many of us have come across when trying to use twine as a source of kindling.

There are many chemical processes which have been invented to turn natural plant-based fibres into fabrics that we would recognize in the modern day. While these methods might be suitable for the production of clothing, they simply will not do for traditional fire making.

That's why at Flint and Steel we process our jute twine by purely natural means, resulting in a superior product that is perfect for fire lighting. Our 6 meter (19' 8") long bundles of jute twine are ideal for replenishing your flint and steel fire lighting kit.

We aim to teach as many people as possible how to make fire by traditional means that would have been familiar to our Iron Age ancestors. To this end, we provide free bundles of jute twine whenever you purchase a steel striker or flint and steel fire starter kit from us. What's more, we offer free international shipping when you purchase jute twine alongside a steel striker or flint and steel kit.

If you have any questions about the flint and steel fire making method, you can watch our step-by-step narrated videos for more information.