Flint and Steel Kit No. 1

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Flint and Steel Kit No. 1


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Flint and Steel Kit No. 1

Flint and Steel Kit No. 1 is the most basic and compact of all our fire making kits. It comes packaged in a small tin box, containing all of the components required to quickly make a fire using the Flint and Steel approach.

We've made this simple kit so small that it easily fits in coat pockets and rucksack side-compartments alike. As such, this kit is perfect for those who like to travel light as well as for those who are on a budget.

All of our traditional fire starter kits contain a number of components that are essential for fire making in this manner. As such, this kit includes:

  • A firesteel, 2.36" (60mm) in length
  • A small tin container of linen char cloth tinder
  • A small piece of flint stone
  • A bundle of jute twine
  • English language instructions for beginners

Except for the tin containers, all of the above fire lighting tools and materials are sourced or produced by our master blacksmith, using only the highest quality methods passed down from generation to generation within our family.

All of our firesteels are hand-forged and put through two-step quality control testing to ensure that you receive a superior product.

We source our flint ourselves from the finest mineral beds in all of Europe, and we even produce our own premium brand of char cloth from squares of unbleached linen fabric.

Our jute twine is specially selected for its ability to burst into flame quickly and effortlessly when placed in contact with a smouldering piece of char cloth.

We can absolutely guarantee that our fully illustrated step-by-step instructions will help anyone start a real primitive fire. For those who need a little more assistance, we have a number of narrated instructional videos to help you along.

You can view a demonstration of Flint and Steel Kit No. 1 here.