Firesteel No. 10 (French)

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Firesteel No. 10 (French)


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Firesteel No. 10 (French)

This hand-forged high carbon steel striker was inspired by those found in graves and elsewhere by archeologists working in modern-day France. This part of the world has a rich tradition of metal working, with the ancient Gauls and Romans being particularly advanced in all kinds of metallurgy.

We at Flint and Steel are dedicated to respecting and emulating the traditions of our forebears, and as such we offer this high-quality traditional firesteel, the likes of which would have been used well into the Middle Ages.

The asymmetrical design and large handling surface of this French firesteel mean that it is perfect for use by novices and professionals alike. If you are looking for an interesting gift for your favorite outdoors enthusiast, then this traditional firesteel would be a perfect choice.

Though Roman historical records have been less than kind to the original inhabitants of their outer provinces, fires were made with ease throughout these regions by means of flint and steel fire making kits.

Though the Romans in particular were known to make sulfur-coated 'slow matches' for use as part of the flint and steel method, these are unlikely to be locally available to you. For the most reliable results, we recommend the use of tinder like linen-based char cloth and kindling such as jute twine.

All of our traditional steel strikers are put through their paces as part of a two-stage quality control program. They also come packaged with a complimentary piece of high-grade flint stone, so you'll be producing sparks right out of the box.

By following the step-by-step instructions outlined in our demonstration videos, you'll be making fire like your ancestors in no time at all.