Flint and Steel Kit No. 8.3

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Flint and Steel Kit No. 8.3


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Flint and Steel Kit No. 8.3

Flint and Steel Kit No. 8.3 consists of an attractive hand-sewn black genuine leather pouch, in which you will find everything you need to make a real primitive fire. It represents a fitting tribute to our Iron Age forebears who invented and perfected the Flint and steel method of fire lighting.

The pouch can be easily opened and closed by means of its drawstrings. You can open the pouch and remove the pieces of equipment you need just as quickly as you can put them back and close the pouch in the event of a rainstorm. Being able to shield your fire making it in this manner makes this kit perfect for when you're traveling through spots of wilderness prone to rainfall and high winds.

At Flint and Steel, we aim to provide fully comprehensive, all-inclusive fire starter kits that require only that you know how to build a fire, something that you can quickly pick up from one of our instructional videos.

As such, in this kit you will find:

  • A hand-forged high carbon firesteel, 3” (75 mm) in length
  • A small tin container of linen-based char cloth tinder
  • Three pieces of high-grade dark gray flint
  • Two bundles of jute twine kindling
  • Foldable and fully illustrated instructions

As this fire lighting kit contains everything you need to light your first campfire using the flint and steel method, it's perfect for beginners.

Nevertheless, seasoned bushcraft veterans will have plenty of fun with this kit too as you can replace the consumable materials with your own once you've run out.

Alternatively, we can supply you with more top quality char cloth and jute twine kindling so that you can use this kit for many years to come. You can even pass on your hand-forged steel striker to the next generation in your family.

Take a look at our demonstrative videos to find out more about the flint and steel kits we have to offer.

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