Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.3.3

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Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.3.3


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Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.3.3

Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.3.3 is a traditional fire making kit which takes inspiration from the design and content of Kit No. 4.3. It is beautifully packaged in a naturally tanned black genuine leather bag, complete with an adjustable strap.

The addition of a leather strap means that you can hang this fire starter kit from a tree branch while setting up your camp just as easily as you can wear it over your shoulder while on the move. The strap can be quickly attached and removed from the bag using the two metal carbines provided.

At Flint and Steel, we strive to make traditional fire making easy to learn and quick to master. To this end, we have sewn individual compartments into the bag to separate each individual kit component, making them easy to locate and then put back after use.

The components included in this black-colored genuine leather bag include:

  • A hand-forged high carbon firesteel, 3” (75 mm) in length
  • A small tin container of linen-based char cloth tinder
  • Two pieces of high-grade dark gray flint stone
  • Two bundles of jute twine kindling
  • Foldable step-by-step instructions with color photos

Our family of artisan blacksmiths and leather craftsmen has been making traditional flint and steel fire starter kits for upwards of 200 years. Over this time, our forebears perfected every single aspect of their kits from the production of home-made linen-based char cloth to the hand-picking of flint rock from the finest mineral beds in Northern Europe.

We are proud to continue this tradition into the modern age and beyond, sharing the magic of flint and steel fire making with all those who are interested in taking a step back to enjoy the outdoors in the way our ancestors would have done. With this in mind, our handmade fire starter kits make a wonderful gift for anyone planning on going out into the woods to camp, hike, hunt or fish.

You can take a look at this kit and others by watching our demonstrative videos. You can even watch an instructional video detailing the step-by-step flint and steel fire making process.

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