Flint Steel – The Ultimate Fire Making Tool

Whether it's your first time or you're a seasoned veteran, all outdoor pursuits are exhilarating experiences that are unforgettable every time. If you're staying overnight out in the woods, you'll surely need to make a fire to keep warm and cook your evening meal. Although there are plenty of modern tools with which you can make a fire, one of the most reliable and easy to use is the flint steel.

The Benefits of Using a Flint Steel

Whereas your matches can get wet in a downpour, and your lighter can run out of fuel, it is next to impossible to prevent a flint steel from doing its job properly. It is an ergonomic tool, handcrafted by artisan blacksmiths from high carbon steel. As a result, you will be able to use a piece of flint and a high-quality flint steel to produce sparks. These hot fragments of metal can easily ignite any suitable material, such as char cloth tinder. You can either buy tinder or make it yourself.

As long as you use a watertight container to hold your tinder and dry kindling, you can make a beautiful and hot fire in the same way as our ancestors did for thousands of years. After all, what's better than cooking a delicious meal or drinking warm tea after a long day out in the woods? When all this is made possible through your own skill and knowledge of how to use a proper flint steel your sense of accomplishment will be sky high.

Where Can I Find a High-quality Flint Steel?

It's always best to source your tools from a manufacturer who knows exactly what they're doing. Forging such ancient tools as the flint steel takes decades of dedication to learning the skills handed down from master blacksmith to apprentice. Many of these artisan craftsmen show off their wares online.

Flint steels for Sale

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