Firesteel No. 12 (Hand Forged)

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Firesteel No. 12 (Hand Forged)


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Firesteel No. 12 (Decorative)

We humans have been decorating our bodies with precious stones and metals almost since the beginning of time. Often, such jewelry served a dual purpose in that it was functional as well as beautiful. We at Flint and Steel have taken this concept to the next level, producing this decorative high carbon steel striker.

This small hand-forged firesteel takes inspiration from those items found in archeological excavations in Finland, many of which you can see displayed in the Finnish National Museum in Helsinki. As such, this steel striker makes a wonderful gift for history buffs and camping enthusiasts alike.

You can see that the main body of the striker closely resembles the larger Finnish steel strikers we have to offer you. The arms of this high-quality fire making tool are further apart than is usual for a firesteel, so you can easily wear it around your neck on a leather cord.

Whenever you need to make a fire in a flash, your decorative steel striker will be right at hand and ready to use. We even provide you with a complimentary piece of high-grade dark gray flint stone, so you can generate sparks straight from the box.

To ensure the best results when learning how to make fire with flint and steel, we recommend that you use reliable sources of tinder and kindling. You will find it easiest to use linen-based char cloth tinder and jute twine kindling. Take a look at our instructional videos to see how simple it is to turn a few sparks into a blazing primitive fire with just flint and steel.