Firesteel No. 11 (Finnish)

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Firesteel No. 11 (Finnish)


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Firesteel No. 11 (Decorative)

When it comes to the art of blacksmithing, there's nothing that says you can't have style as well as substance. For those who are looking for something special, we have given an artistic twist to our traditional Finnish high carbon steel striker.

We at Flint and Steel aim to ensure that all of our hand-forged steel strikers remain faithful to the designs of our forebears. Archeologists have found traditional firesteels of many varied patterns which would have been used extensively throughout medieval Europe.

We have injected a little flair into this Finnish steel striker by twisting its arms to resemble the very flames you will be bringing to life. This high carbon firesteel makes a top outdoors gift for campers and hunters who value beautifully made medieval tools that really work.

All of the firesteels in the Flint and Steel range are put through a rigorous multi-stage quality control regime to ensure that they reach you in perfect condition. We even include a complimentary piece of top-grade dark gray flint stone so you can generate sparks right from day one.

Although you can use a range of charred tinder materials with the flint and steel approach, we recommend the use linen-based char cloth which has been scorched in a low-oxygen atmosphere. When you combine this with jute twine kindling, you'll be turning sparks into roaring campfires in no time at all.

Even if you've come across the flint and steel fire making method before, our instructional videos are full of hints and tips for making the most of your fire making experience.