Firesteel No. 7 (Swedish)

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Firesteel No. 7 (Swedish)


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Firesteel No. 7 (Swedish)

This hand-forged high carbon firesteel is crafted according to a design typical of medieval Scandinavia. It is extremely ergonomic owing to its symmetrical design and evenly distributed weight, making it perfect for learning how to make the most of the flint and steel fire making approach. You'll find this Swedish firesteel the easiest traditional means by which to make a real primitive fire while out in the wilderness.

We at Flint and Steel are proud that ours is a family business. We want to make sure that you benefit as much as we do from the combined knowledge base of over four generations of blacksmiths. This unbroken line of ancestral know-how has led to the development of a range of firesteels suitable for all kinds of users, from novices to experts.

Firesteels were so important to the medieval inhabitants of Sweden that fallen warriors were frequently buried with them so that they could light fires in the afterlife. This particular steel striker was modelled after one such tool found in one of many graves on the island of Björkö and now on display in Stockholm's Swedish History Museum.

All of our high carbon steel strikers come with a complimentary piece of top-grade flint stone so that you can get started right away. Although you can use all kinds of charred materials with flint and steel fire making kits, we recommend the use of linen-based char cloth and jute kindling for the best results.

If you need any help deciding which firesteel to get for yourself or your favourite outdoors enthusiast, then you can drop us a line or take a look at one of our many instructional and demonstrative videos.