Firesteel No. 4 (English)

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Firesteel No. 4 (English)


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Firesteel No. 4 (English)

This firesteel design is typical of the kind of firesteels found in archeological sites from medieval England. The flint and steel fire making method as practised in this part of the world is characterized by its use of firesteels with large surfaces.

The natural approach to forging the best high carbon firesteels was honed to perfection by our forefathers going back at least four generations. At Flint and Steel, we still use these traditional methods to this very day. This means that we only make use of naturally sourced materials such as charcoal to fire the forge in our smithy.

We have used these time-honored processes to create a precise and perfectly ergonomic replica of the symmetrical firesteel design that would have been familiar to any of the denizens of this part of medieval Europe. Similar designs have certainly been found during archaeological digs in the historic English county of Oxfordshire, the home of the world-famous University of Oxford.

This reliable firesteel comes with a complimentary piece of flint stone, which allows novices and experts alike to produce the sparks needed to ignite tinder for fire making. We recommend the use of linen-based char cloth and jute twine as tinder and kindling respectively.

This firesteel makes an excellent holiday gift for any of your friends or family who are interested in the great outdoors and all it has to offer us.

You can take a look at our instructional videos to find out more.