Firesteel No. 3 (Pskov)

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Firesteel No. 3 (Pskov)


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Firesteel No. 3 (Slavic - 10th Century Pskov)

This high carbon firesteel is based upon a Slavic design which was particularly popular in the region of Pskov, a medieval Russian city located in close proximity to the Baltic States. Given the influence of the Vikings, as evidenced by the nearby historical fortress of Izborsk, the resemblance of this firesteel design to that of Viking fire strikers is likely to be no coincidence.

The Slavic roots of the natural and time-honored production methods we use at Flint and Steel, passed down from father to son for generations, mean that our version of the Pskov firesteel is surely the most historically authentic firesteel of its kind.

The symmetrical design of this particular firesteel gives a high degree of balance in terms of its weight when being used to strike flint. This makes it a very easy tool to use, and as such it is perfect for teaching beginners how to use make fire using flint and steel.

We recommend this firesteel for people just starting out on their fire making journey, so it makes for a great outdoors gift for any budding camper, hiker or hunter among your family or friends. It even comes with a complimentary piece of flint stone.

When combined with suitable tinder and kindling, such as linen-based char cloth and jute twine respectively, you'll find fire making by the flint and steel method to be a simply magical endeavor.

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