Char cloth tinder in tin container

Char cloth tinder
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Char cloth tinder in tin container


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Char cloth tinder in tin container

One of the major components of any fire making is tinder, an umbrella term for any material that produces an ember upon contact with a weak, orange spark such as those produced by flint and steel fire starter kits.

Perhaps the most reliable form of tinder is charred plant matter, in particular char cloth produced by scorching squares of cotton or linen fabric in a low oxygen environment. To best emulate the kind of fire making kits our ancestors would have used, we at Flint and Steel make all of our char cloth out of organic, naturally woven linen. After all, cotton wasn't introduced to Northern Europe until well into the Middle Ages.

In producing our premium char cloth tinder, we have made the most of all the knowledge passed down through the generations in our family of blacksmiths and leather craftsmen. You can maintain a vital link to your own ancestors when you make a real primitive fire in just the way they would have done.

We provide you with 30 pieces of char cloth tinder so that you have plenty to practice with. Once you gain confidence in using the flint and steel fire making method, you can break up each piece of tinder into several smaller parts, meaning you'll certainly have enough to light a great number of fires.

When you're making a traditional fire, it's very important that you have all the necessary tools and materials at hand if you wish to succeed. As such, we offer free international shipping on all orders of char cloth tinder that include the purchase of a steel striker or a flint and steel fire starter kit.

You can watch our videos to see how easy it can be to light a traditional campfire. We even have a video showing you how to start making your own char cloth tinder.