When You Use Flint Fire Making Is A Doddle

Fire making is as much an art as it is an science, and our ancestors found that by using flint fire lighting because a far more reliable and less stressful process. Ever since the Iron Age, our forebears have been using the combination of flint and steel strikers to allow even inexperienced children to light a fire in their hearths at home as well as when out in the wilderness. Way back in the depths of time, ancient man began to adopt flint fire making approaches, as well as using this useful mineral for other tool making purposes.

With Flint Fire Making Is Easy

Flint was put to all sorts of uses during the Stone Age, some of which have survived to the modern day. As one of the last remaining direct uses for flint fire lighting is one of the main ways in which we can retain a link to our crafty ancestors. Despite our technological advances, there remains something fascinating about using a flint fire lighting method. The sense of accomplishment you get is palpable and yet the process itself couldn't be simpler. Owing to the clever combination of high carbon steel, natural tinder and dry kindling and, of course, flint fire starting is child's play.

Why Use Flint And Steel In The Modern Era?

Despite the fact that modern means of fire lighting seem, at first glance, to have made flint fire making methods redundant, this is not necessarily the case at all. As a result of the step-by-step, easily learnt technique involved in the manipulation of flint fire can easily be obtained by even the most inexperienced of campers. Furthermore, the direct contact of the tinder with the piece of flint makes for a highly reliable tool that can still proudly take its place in the kit of any modern camper, hunter or fisherman. When you use a steel striker and some flint fire making is simply a doddle.

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