Flint and Steel Striker – More About Bushcraft’s Most Versatile Tool

Generally speaking, fire is your friend in the wilderness. When you use a flint and steel striker to make a fire, you find yourself protected against the cold and wild animals, as well as being able to cook your own lunch and provide a central gathering point for your camping buddies. However, there is much more you can do with a simple campfire than you might think.

Replenishing Your Flint and Steel Striker Kit

A traditional flint and steel striker kit comprises several important components, some of which are more renewable than others. It would be a veritable tragedy if you were to run out of dry tinder on a cold and wet evening in the woods. Some of the best flint and steel striker sets use char cloth for tinder. The great benefit of this material is that you can easily make it yourself in advance of your trip. All you need is a tinderbox, some cotton or linen, and a fire to make sure that your flint and steel striker kit is full stocked with tinder.

Other Uses for Fire

Aside from the obvious, you can use a flint and steel striker to make a fire for a number of purposes. If you're looking for a hot beverage on a cold winter's night in the forest, you'll find that pine needles make an excellent bush tea. If, on the contrary, you find yourself camping out somewhere hot and humid, you might find yourself becoming a mosquito's lunch. Fortunately, your flint and steel striker will come to the rescue. One of the easiest ways to ward off unwanted insects is to add a few greener twigs to your fire from time to time. The smoke created acts as a rather good insect repellant but, of course, you should take care not to overuse living sources of timber.

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