Date: June 01, 2017 10:58 PM

Product: Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.2

Found Flint and steal .com on line by accident on line. While looking for a fire starter kit. It was by far the best looking products of all the different sites I visited Decided to give them a try and ordered a kit for my friends birthday. Yes and the same kit for myself also LOL. Ordered through pay pal and was surprised to have a tracking number the next morning when i awoke. when I ordered the kits I was told it would take three weeks. Mail ran this morning and my order was here only 13 days ground shipped from halfway around the world. The shipping packaging was super and nothing could have hurt the contents inside. I must say the leather pouch was very nice and well made. I was shocked by how much char cloth was in such a small tin. Being a outdoor mans I hurried outback of the house. I wanted to try the flint and the steal striker right away. Man oh man three fires started right away. tore the char cloth in half. it was more than enough to do the job. Called my buddy and ask him to stop by my house on his way to work. He was really happy with the gift. Like me he kept talking about the quality of the work and the craftsmanship of your product. I can only say thank you for the great work all through the process. I will order from Flint and Steal again for sure. Great service and one very happy costumer.