"A steaming kettle of tea over a smoky fire, a dried out piece of rye bread, a starry sky and the sound of the waves. So little is needed for the happiness of those who love to relax far away from the bustle of the city." So says Michael, founder and author of the "Flint&Steel" project.
He says that the old way of making fire with the help of a firesteel, piece of flint and some tinder is a part of our culture and history. Michael puts getting fire from sparks on a par with other ancient knowledge and skills. There are quite a few creative workshops teaching people how to weave with birch bark, recreate ancient musical instruments and sew old costumes, for example. However, all of these things have a very narrow range of practical uses. On the contrary, fire making is applicable to many aspects of modern life. Campfire kits produced by this project are increasingly commonly used by those who have a fireplace or traditional stove. This isn't at all surprising, as the rather cold climate moves those who prefer electrical, or central, heating to use almost historical ways of heating their homes. Those who love to cook their food over wood or charcoal fires also increasingly rarely make use of matches or lighters.
There are some people who use campfire kits with firesteels just to make a bonfire in the countryside. "You can't even imagine how unforgettable and magical it is for children going out for a picnic when the adults help them to make an old-style fire and then roast sausages or toast bread over it, all the while drinking tea from a Thermos flask. It leaves a memorable impression for the rest of their lives!" Michael says.