The "Flint&Steel" project has truly become a family affair. "Building a fire with your own hands is something that recreates the warmth of home, something that unites us with our children," says Julia. We made the first match-less fire making kit for ourselves, and only after a long period of time had the idea for the creation of a project that allows many, many people, whose souls have become separated from this tradition, to take a kit that allows them to build a fire. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the desire to break away from civilization, to escape from the city, enters almost everyone at the end of the working week, no matter what time of year it is. "Building a fire with the help of our kit is akin to escaping to something truly authentic and timeless." We are constantly working as a team in order to offer our customers new things, from the shape of the firesteels and the size and design of the packaging to the color scheme and functionality of each product. The aim of the project is to give people not just a ready-made solution for building fires, but a product that is pleasant to look at and touch, one which you would like to have at home and could proudly present to your friends, loved ones or even your children. We love what we do and what we create, and we are sure that our project is a fitting and good thing to be a part of.