Handmade Knives

Handmade Knives

In our store you can buy one-piece-forged knives for delivery worldwide.

Our hand forged knives emulate the shape and size of Scandinavian knives from the Middle Ages, like those found in archeological digs in modern Sweden, Finland and northern Russia. At that time, the majority of knives and other tools were one-piece-forged, that is to say made from a single piece of metal. These kinds of knives were easier to make, as well as being more practical and durable. The absence of a classical handle makes this kind of knife lighter and more compact; it isn’t affected by grease and dirt, and it doesn’t absorb odors.

Our knives are sold with genuine leather sheathes which, depending on their size, can be worn either around the neck or on a belt around the waist.

Such a knife would be a good present for hunters, fishermen, avid campers and mushroom foragers alike. Of course, knives like ours could also take pride of place in the arsenal of a collector or someone taking part in a historical reenactment.

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