Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.2

flint and steel fire kit

Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.2


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Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.2 (special listing for Des - February 27, 2019)

Flint and Steel Kit No 4.2 is an all-inclusive traditional fire making kit much like those used by our medieval ancestors.

The high-quality components of this handcrafted kit are contained within a brown genuine leather pouch which can be fixed to your belt for your convenience. Each part of the kit has its own compartment, making it easy to organize and keep track of everything you need to make a real primitive fire by the flint and steel method.

At Flint and Steel, we aim to stick as closely as possible to the traditions of our Iron Age forebears. As such, almost every tool and material in our kits is manufactured or sourced by hand. The only exception is the small char cloth container.

We are lucky enough to hail from a family with generations of blacksmithing experience that has been passed down from father to son for at least 200 years. With such an artisanal heritage, it is our noble aim to fully preserve the ancient ways of our ingenious ancestors.

Our ultimate goal is to make traditional fire making as easy as possible without the loss of any authenticity. To this end, the Flint and Steel fire making kit No. 4.2 contains:

  • A hand-forged high carbon firesteel, 3” (75 mm) in length
  • A small tin container of linen-based char cloth tinder
  • Two pieces of high-grade dark gray flint
  • Two bundles of natural jute twine kindling

You can view a demonstration of Flint and Steel Kit No. 4.2 here