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It’s that festive time of year again!

If you're stuck for an interesting and useful outdoor gift for your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place. At Flint and Steel, we offer high-quality, handmade fire lighting kits that are ready to use straight from the get-go.

Our kits are safe and easy to use with adult supervision...

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Fire Starter: A Traditional Fire Making Tool

If there's one thing that separates us from any other animal on a primordial level, it's that we humans have mastered the control of fire. In fact, almost every aspect of our modern way of life is underpinned by the manipulation of fire to achieve all manner of goals, whether it's the production of steel...
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When You Use Flint Fire Making Is A Doddle

Fire making is as much an art as it is an science, and our ancestors found that by using flint fire lighting because a far more reliable and less stressful process. Ever since the Iron Age, our forebears have been using the combination of flint and steel strikers to allow even inexperienced children to light...
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The Best Fire Starter Tool Remains The Flint And Steel

In the modern age we have increasingly come to rely on tools and materials that have significantly diverged from their ancient and more natural analogs. Inevitably, some of these tools are undeniably better, but sometimes the most reliable instrument is the simplest. This certainly seems to be the case for fire lighting as the best...
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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Flint and Steel

If you're stuck for a Valentine's Day gift, then you need look no further. If your loved one has a passion for bushcraft and the outdoors, you'll find plenty of customized gift ideas at Flint and Steel. We have put together a range of unique fire making kits which provide everything you need to make...
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Flint Rock For Sale – Use Only The Best Materials

As with any tool used in the process of making a high quality item of any kind, the characteristics of the raw materials used are of utmost importance if you want to achieve the best possible end result. This principle is well-known throughout the world of bushcraft and beyond, and no woodsman worth their...

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